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Introduction to Demand Calendar

The revenue team in a hotel—marketing, sales, revenue management and reservations—are devoting their time to deal with complex, unforeseen changes in demand, pricing, distribution, contracting and market behavior. More often than not, these issues require a human touch—creativity, expertise, intuition—that cannot be automated.

Demand Calendar is a curated knowledge workspace that enables hotels to better understand the challenges and to increase the efficiency in how they acquire the most profitable revenue at any given time.

Bring everything together

Automated data collection from the hotel PMS and other sources. Information is stored in one place where it is easily accessible for all team members. Dashboards in real time show actuals and trends of the most important indicators.

Facilitate profitable decisions

Curated information and tools connect the team and help them understand which actions lead to higher profitability. No more decisions made based on vague assumptions. Data driven decisions for increased success.

Reduce report burden

Easily accessible reports for all team members. No more wasting time working with raw data, combining spreadsheets, cutting, pasting and sending reports getting lost in email overload. Information transformed into insights.

Customer Success

What to expect during your first year with Demand Calendar

For successful profitable revenue generation, you do not only need a software solution based on industry knowledge and industry standards, you also need industry professionals to guide you through implementation shifting the mindset from any revenue to profitable revenue.


184 rooms, two restaurants, meeting rooms and a winery
The Winery Hotel is Sweden’s first boutique and urban winery hotel with in-house wine production. The hotel opened in January 2016 and has used Demand Calendar since then.
When opening a new hotel, one of the challenges is to understand the local market. With Demand Calendar, I could model the market data, learn the market behavior much faster and create my own forecast. In less than one year we reached our fair share of the market and since then we are always ahead of the market.
Marianne Söder
Commercial Manager
31 rooms, two gardens and the ruins of a medieval church
Hotel St Clemens is a family-run hotel in five historical buildings in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Visby. The hotel has used Demand Calendar since 2016.
Having a small hotel in a very seasonal and competitive market with all benchmarking KPIs well above the competition, I still needed to better understand how to maximize each season. With Demand Calendar, I got the insight that my rate was too low even on my best days of the year. Since then, I have increased room revenue solely by a higher rate, which means that my profit has increased substantially.
Photo of Carl von Schulman
Carl von Schulman
Owner / General Manager

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